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Top 10 Alternative Christmas Songs

As Christmas rolls around again, people the world over are dusting down their copy of Now That's What I Call Christmas and churning through Elton, Shakey, Wizzard and Slade.

There are other songs out there, most of them aren't fit for consumption, but there are some excellent alternatives. I've pulled together my favourite 10, but trust me, if you search you will find.

The Christmas Song - The Ravonettes

This 2009 song from The Ravonettes as an overlooked gem in my opinion. The Danish girl/boy duo have come up with a retro rock n' roll waltz with a classic fifties feel. Warm enough to bring joy to even the coldest of hearts.

Ugly Sweater Blues - JD McPherson

Taken from McPherson's brand new Christmas album Socks, this for me is the best of a great collection of tunes. It has smooth, jazzy shuffles and he is pitch-perfectly backed by his four-piece band of Jimmy Sutton on bass, Raynier Jacob Jacildo on keys, Jason Smay on drums, and Doug Corcoran on saxophone, steel guitar and glockenspiel.

The White Season - Still Corners

Taken from their 2011 album Creatures Of An Hour this is an ethereal indie song that isn't a Christmas song but most definitely is a Christmas song. Have a listen, you'll get what I mean!

Driving Home For Christmas - Alice Jemima

Alice Jemima takes on Chris Rea’s Driving Home For Christmas and stamps her own style all over it. Uncomplicated guitars, simple beats and a little bit of keyboard join with Alice’s unmistakable vocals to give a fuzzy feeling, rather like having a couple of glasses of bourbon by an open fire.

Is This Christmas - The Wombats

This song originally appeared on the second edition of compilation The Best Kids Christmas Album in the World Ever Ever!!!, released in December 2007. All proceeds of the single were put towards the charity MENCAP. Look out for comedian Les Dennis in the introduction of the video!

I Don't Wanna Wait 'Til Christmas - Summer Camp

Taken from Summer Camp's Christmas EP released in 2015. It's a 5 track Christmas special, featuring original Christmas themed songs and covers of classics "Last Christmas" and "Christmas Wrapping". Honest, heartwarming and full of genuine Christmas feels.

Christmas Love - Julius

I know nothing about the song or the man and no end of Googling has helped. So just enjoy a really nice Christmas song.

A Willie Nice Christmas - Kacey Musgraves & Willie Nelson

As you'd expect, "A Willie Nice Christmas" is all about leaning back, smoking one up and soaking up the holiday cheer. The two send off their yuletide greetings with the clever line, "May we all get higher than the angel at the top of the tree."

A Christmas Duel - The Hives & Cyndi Lauper

The Hives’ own Pelle Almqvist says everything you need to know about this little Christmas gem; “I think Christmas is just our excuse to go full-out Phil Spector and use two drum kits and the bells and whistles. We wanted to have this juxtaposition of really sweet music and nasty lyrics.”

I Wish It Was Christmas Today - Julian Casablancas

Originally performed in 2000 as a moment of whimsy by Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, and Tracy Morgan wearing ugly Christmas sweaters on SNL, it never became a 'real' song until Julian Casablancas recorded it as a bonus track in 2008.


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