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Is being online important for new artists?

There seems to be more and more artists discovered online these days and that surely gives credence to the suggestion that it is vital for new artists to get a strong online presence?

Granted for every Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes there are probably a million other, arguably more talented, musicians waiting to be discovered.

But can a new artist really take the chance of not being seen online, personally I don't think so. Not only is it a chance to get seen and discovered, it's also an opportunity to sell records and merchandise.

For my own radio show I regularly scour the internet to find new music to play, if I do that you can bet your life a million other presenters do exactly the same thing.

So get yourself online and do it now! You could be the next big thing!

There is a company called Blue Deer Creative who cater specifically to bands and artists to get an online presence at a fraction of the cost of a marketing agency. You can find them here: Blue Deer Music

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