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Guns 'n' Posers - Download '18

I hate myself for having to write this. It was all supposed to be so different.

You see, growing up listening to rock and metal music in the late 80's and early 90's there was one band that stood above all the rest. Guns n' Roses. Sadly I missed out on seeing them in their pomp back then - a combination of opportunity and teenage financial restrictions.

So when the chance came to see the (almost) original lineup at Download Festival this year I nearly shit a cow. I was excited. I was going to see them play one of the greatest rock albums in history (seriously no exaggeration), Appetite For Destruction.

Alarm bells started ringing when I noticed they were going to be on from 7.20pm to 10.50pm, a whopping 3.5hrs. But okay, benefit of the doubt, perhaps they were allowing for Axl's inevitable tardiness.

But sure enough, on they strutted at 7.20pm and the set started in energetic form, ploughing through some absolute belters. The first 50 minutes were amongst the best I've seen from a band for some time and made me want more. Then it started.

The covers, the guitar solos, the Axl disappearing for a pedicure. The middle of the set was absolutely pointless and served only to massage the massive egos on stage. I have no doubt that the die-hard GnR fans would have loved every minute - but surely even they got bored during the self-indulgent middle set.

I was so annoyed that I started to head towards the back of the arena to take stock. I was so disappointed, so angry. Why couldn't they just do a 2-hour set and leave us all wanting more? A massive opportunity sorely missed.

To put it in perspective, one of the greatest rock bands of all time (historically!!) were playing on the main stage and I found myself in a bar called 'Rocktail Cocktails' listening to Fatman Scoop!

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